• Design / Production Molds

  • Quality / Speed ​​of execution

The machine shop Ricetti with his headquarter in Lumezzane (Bs), is from over 30 years on the market in the planning and realization of dies for hot moulding. Ricetti Company was born in 1980 by a dynamic entrepreneur and it has always distinguished for the enthusiasm and the ability of a very befriend staff of technicians, that has characterized the growth of the company.

The breakthrough is realised in 1995, when Ricetti company after having invested on a numerous and renewed park machines, decides to double the working surface. The whole complex is now inserted in a pleasant construction with spaces and efficient structures.

The long experience in the sector, the constant appointment and the continuous specialization of the inside personnel are the key factors that allow the realization of products that are always in the van.

With these premises Ricetti company pays particular attention to the single phases of the productive process and assures dies of absolute quality. The company has a complete assistance for every sector of intervention, from the consultation in phase of planning to the realization of the ended piece and the study with postings CAD/CAM of the same stamp.

Essential presuppositions for the competitiveness of the Ricetti company snc is the quality of the product and the speed of the execution. To this purpose are used in an organic way all the possibilities offered by machineries of last generation, endowed with elevated performances for every specific demand.